Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

*Well today for one i did not want to reach through my computer and strangle a few people on the mckmama blog frog community. no not me. no i would not want to punch them in the face repeatedly. oh wait yes yes i do. drama queens!*

*i did not let my crazy baby play in her crib this morning for an hour after she woke up so i could do some stuff around the house without her undoing it right behind me!*

*i did not want to throw my living room table out the window when my baby bashed her head into it yesterday, just after her other booboo healing. i did not want to rip the fucking thing to pieces and say fuck you table. i did not cry when i saw that it looked like she had a horn growing out of her head.*

*i did not neglect all of my household chores this weekend, and i am not just playing on the computer instead of doing them now. nope not me!*

go visit mckmama's blog here to see this crazyness she calls "not me monday"

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes. The annoyance of the blog community. I agree 100% about that. It's almost like these women miss High School and are using the BlogFrog as a means of reliving it. Way too much drama for me, I stop reading it.