Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is this thing on?

Well here's somewhere I'd NEVER thought I'd be. That is blogging, and actually using punctuation. i think i will throw the second part of that sentence out the window right now...i hardly ever do anything the "proper" way so who needs it with grammar and punctuation bs? not this lady! im sure you can all read it and stick your pretty little pauses in there and see that names reads the same w/o a "CAPITAL" letter at the begining. now that thats out of the way!!!...

so going back to the not "proper" way of doing things...i dont know who all will be reading this so should i go through my so-called-early-life? i will. so it will be a re-cap for all of you people that are reading this, because i suppose it will only reach family and friends but who knows. maybe i will be a blogging sensation woot woot. so here goes. i grew up in washington state. you know where it rains alot on the west coast. and i mean A LOT!!! i REALLY grew up when i had my 1st daughter at 16. thats right 16. (dont hate) obviously wasnt planned, but i wouldnt change it for anything. she saved me, and really i mean that. i was a pretty bad kid, you know skipped school, drank a little--lotta bit..might have or might not have smoked some green know what im talkin about!!! so when i found out i was pregnant. BIG SURPRISE! well then i realized that it wasnt just ME to think about and i better shape up. so i did..ok so had my daughter then 2 weeks later started school. 11th grade. made it through there! still with her dad. well i was with him. he was with a few diff girls but thats a whole different post..summer before sr. year i started beauty school..went all through sr year with a 4.0. thats right i threw that in there to brag. graduated, then a few months later graduated beauty school. by this time baby daddy no longer in the pic for about a year. gots me new b/f.. went to work at mastercuts..worked..worked..broke up with new b/f after a few years. boys are dumb i decide. no that doesnt mean i switched teams. just took a little break. then got a CRAZY CRAZY b/f. we have all been there. he was nuts. he was a rebound and it was a horrible decision. where were all my FRIENDS to tell me NO? oh yeah i think they helped set us up. thanks guys, love you too. anyways got rid of crazy still worked, back together with old(new) boyfriend. he was still the same so i ditched him again....still working. going on about hmm 3 1/2 years at M/C at this point i think.. anyways so fast fwd a few months and i meet my NOW boyfriend (of almost FIVE years might i add)..ok so fast fwd a few years to Aug. 07. i take over manager position at mastercuts. i have been there 5 years. in dec 07 find out i am knocked up. for the 3rd time (what 3rd time you ask? but i thought you only had one baby? well we had a miscarriage/molar pregnancy(yeah google that) a few years earlier, but thats another post too...) wow. a baby. my oldest baby is 7 at the time. thats a pretty good age gap. it will be like im a 1st time mommy again. so anyways go through pregnancy all goes perfectly, a few little contraction scares, baby trying to come early. oh wait she did come early. 3 1/2 weeks early and her daddy missed it. but again. another post lol. so i quit my job to be a stay at home mommy. fast fwd a year and here i am. still here. lovin' my life as a mommy. and uh...not a wife =)


  1. So, I love reading blogs, and you sound kind of like me, so I am going to keep reading. FYI - its really hard to read blue on green. Feel free to check out my blog -

    I'm canadian and live in BC - so we have three things in common for sure, kids (though I only have one), the west coast, and internet connections :D

  2. lOvE you too :p and I just want to say that because of your "crazy ex" I have a beautiful wedding ring that we got for a great price, so it wasn't all bad,right? :) And I did not have any help in setting you two up!

    lOvE the blog, welcome! I am excited to read more..I gotta get updated, very behind on my stuff.