Friday, August 21, 2009

Why I HATE school clothes shopping...let me count the ways!

why? why do you hate school shopping you might ask? the answer: 9 yr old girls. my daughter is so PICKY this year. why it cant it be like all the other years when i could just go hey you like this? and she says yes mommy i love it! and i pick up ten of the same thing in different colors and we call it good! nowadays it's no i dont like that, it's PINK! i hate pink! i only like blue! then 2 seconds later..oh look at this pretty dress! and what color do you think it is?! FREAKIN' PINK...then eww mom not that dress it looks like an old lady dress, looks like a hippie, a hobo, anything she can think of. mom i dont want socks that go down here (pointing to her ankle) ok fine bobbysocks it is..calm down kid.then later shoe shopping while picking out dress shoes-well i cant wear it with socks like these!! pointing to her cousins(boy i might add) borrowed sweaty sock (because for SOME reason payless had no bootie socks (lol funny word. butt sock? anyways..) anyways sweaty boy sock that is the equivalent of a girl bobby sock. i cant wear it with these. i NEED socks that go down here! pointing to ankle. WHY GOD WHY?!freakin a! so i tell her well you will just wear those with tights no ankle socks for you that you will complain about NEXT YEAR while we are shopping. jesus. why else do i hate school shopping? the trying clothes on. dont even get me started. i dont want to even think about it. it makes ME sweaty, and all i am doing is checking to make sure we aren't gonna have "butt crack issues" i swear the pants these days..the CLOTHES these days for those girls are out of control. my daughter is 9. not 19 thank you very much. no bootie shorts,miniskirts,pants that say hottie on the ass will be gracing my daughters body this school year! anybody else HATE school clothes shopping?


  1. And this is why I love you so much. You freaking crack me up. LOL. I'm gonna miss you so much. Great post Riss!

  2. HAHAHA!!!! Guess what? You have another daughter that will be 9 before you know it...And I wished for this myself,lol!

    Love you