Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wall- 1, Baby-0

OUCH!!! doesnt my poor baby's head look sad? it gives me a freakin' headache just lookin at it. damn you wobbly baby feet, damn you corner of the wall, damn you mama for letting your baby walk around with a food processer piece over one hand and a bottle in the other and not allowing her to catch herself when shes dancing and falls face first into the freakin corner of the wall! not to mention, she already has a bruise on her nose from running face first into the wall two nights prior and a scrape on her head right there by the new owie from fallin on cement. GEEZ someone should really watch this child. I mean seriously where is her mother?!


  1. Oh man that is a bump! At least you have girls - my 18 year old baby boy broke his back "playing" this year - kids no matter what age!
    Looking forward to working with you!