Wednesday, September 9, 2009

milk allergies and a $4000 dollar weekend.

well after about 2 months of thinking B had a cold that just would not let go, idiscovered she has milk allergies. i tell ben (daddy-o) that i think she is allergic to milk because after every bottle she gets wheezy and coughs and coughs. only THEN he decides to tell me..oh yeah when i was little i had milk allergies and had to drink soy milk. i did the same thing! wow hunny thanks. you think you could have told me that oh lets see..about 2 months ago?!?! so instead of my daughter happily drinking milk, i would get cough cough gag gag wheeze wheeze and all i needed was to go to the store and purchase a little silk milk to make her all better. sho' nuff i give it to her..and HEALED! =) yay! my daughter doesnt have a chronic cold. easy fix=happy mama

now onto the $4000 weekend. i dont know if it WILL cost that much but it sure might! anywho..we went to sand lakes to ride quads over labor day weekend. the forecast was for RAIN RAIN and more RAIN, but we decided to go anyways..good idea. we leave sat morning and its pouring and we have a 4 hr drive ahead of us. well the closer we get to our destination the weather is clearing up! blue skies and sun sun sun..YAY!! so we get to sand lakes, make it out onto the sand where our friends are, unload and woohoo! we had a easy up canopy to put up so we put that up, eat some lunch put our tents up and go for a ride. it is so much fun. my oldest, my boyfriend my sis and her hubby and about 6 other people and a few misc. children are runnin around. we get back and the easy up has a bent leg. dang it! since we BORROWED it, we straighten the had flew down the beach a few times so we figure ok lets tie it down with some sand tires. so we ratchet tie the canopy down to some sand tires and go for another ride. we come back a few hrs later to find the easy up on its top with the tires on top of it 3 legs COMPLETELY busted off and the other one twisted so badly you cant even tell what it used to be. oops. theres $100 bucks we owe one of my sisters since it was hers FUCK. but thats not even the worst part. AT ALL. that night it pours and pours. we get 1-2 hrs of sleep because of the wind and rain. we get completely soaked bysudden down pour...the next day we take one of our friends into town cuz the transmission had started to go out in his truck on the way down so needed some stuff to try and fix it to make it home..we go into town come back and drive out on the sand, put it in reverse back up, then all of a sudden truck shuts off. (OH and forgot to mention, this is MY DADS truck that we borrowed) then all of a sudden. NO nothin. truck dont move. no movin. WHATSOEVER. so uh fuck what are we going to do now? we have a truck AND trailer to haul home. so ben and the guys truck who started to break, drive that truck home (4 hrs mind you..) the rest of us stay, ride quads (cuz the weather cleared up) while waiting for them to return. we pack everything up and wait and wait. they dont show up until 1:30 a.m. we still have to drive home. ben brought his truck down and the othe rguy brought another truck to haul our trailer. it costs us $150 bucks in gas for both trucks. ouch. one of which ISNT ours. i dont know how we had to pay it. fuckers with their "i dont have any money" bull shit. so whatever the truck doesnt work. so now we have to take it and get it fixed and split the price with my sis and bro in law. BOOOOO. thats why we dont like to borrow stuff. as soon as we do, its cursed.

but on a HAPPY note. K started school today, thank you jesus

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  1. Sorry about your weekend, that sucks!

    I wanted to say I enjoyed your reply to the "Do not get poop on your cape batman" discussion!

    For some odd reason, I cannot comment on MckMama's blogfrog community. They are working on it but as of now, I am temporarily "banned!"

    But I wanted to say yours had me laughing. I have a 3 year old little boy and I have had said some pretty weird things myself.

    Well hope your week is better.

    Have a good one -